Section 06: The wiki and your week assignment are on Moodle (select Groups: Wiki Week)

Think of the wiki as a writing textbook by the class, for the class. It’s where you “translate” the ideas from Designs for Disciplines and the lectures into your own words. If you copy from a dictionary or encyclopedia, you will receive a grade of 0.

Essential parts:
-An explanation of the keyword as it relates to our class. This will probably involve some summary of Designs for Disciplines.
Suggestions for using the idea in your writing or reading.
Examples with justifications. These can be from the Broadview Anthology or anywhere else, including pop culture and foreign-language sources. Include page numbers, hyperlinks, and any other information that will help someone find the source. It’s important that you explain why this is a good example or a particularly skillful use of a tool. (Bad examples can also be very instructive.)
References: Since you’ve written an informal introduction to the keyword, tell us where we can find more formal or technical information about it. This could be a page reference in Designs for Disciplines or another book or web page you like.

-A “see also” or “related” section: This is where you guide the reader to other relevant words on the class wiki. For example, we understand theses better once we’ve mastered claims.
-Equivalent concepts in your native language.
-Creative Commons-licensed images or videos that will help us understand the concept.

M.C. Morgan’s Wiki Writing Handbook is full of thoughts about the rhetorical art of the wiki.

Your due date will depend on the group you’re assigned to.