Multimodal Group Project

In groups of 3 or 4, create a multimodal learning resource, geared toward young people ages 14-18, that introduces a concept from any article in the Broadview Anthology of Expository Prose. Both the concept and your treatment of it should be appropriate and appealing (that is, a teenager should actually want to pay attention, and should come away feeling that s/he’s learned something worthwhile).

It cannot be a class lecture or a PowerPoint-style slide presentation. It can be a museum exhibit, comic book, radio show or podcast (something like Radiolab), video, web site, game, or pretty much anything else. Use whatever technology you feel comfortable with. For example, you can make a video using a digital camera, or you can write a script and draw a storyboard using pen and paper–either way is fine! I’ve made a list of tools for making websites, videos, and sound recordings. Length: 5-10 minutes of viewing, listening, reading, or playing time from the audience’s perspective.

On Moodle, upload a list of works cited, including all of the images, songs, and other media you incorporate. All pictures, sound clips, etc., must be licensed under Creative Commons or in the public domain. (Wikipedia is usually safe. YouTube usually isn’t.)

Due: Wed. July 29, in class.

-Take this project as seriously as you would take a formal essay. Of course you can use humour in your project, but everyone can tell the difference between being lighthearted and slacking off. Especially teenagers.

-Be creative. You’ll be rewarded for taking risks.
-You are welcome to make your project multilingual or to target it toward ESAL learners. If you do, prepare a translation of any non-English material you use.

-Contact IT Services about borrowing cameras and sound equipment and computer labs.


10% from instructor (rubric on Moodle)
8% from your classmates
2 points for evaluating other groups’ projects